Insurance Professionals and Risk Managers Don't Take a RISK by Inspecting a Roof Through Binoculars
Inspecting a roof from Google Earth® or through binoculars can be RISKY!
Get accurate information about the condition and risks that may have been over looked.
Pre & post coverage roof and property inspections for risk and claims managers.

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Independent Roof Inspections and Insurance underwriting

Independent Roof Inspections

What is a Dallas Fort Worth independent roof inspection? Is there a difference between a roof inspection for the insurance industry and a real estate transaction.  In general, a roof inspection is the most effective measure for knowing the current condition of a roof.  A roof inspection can be used for roof  potential insurance risks, pre-existing hail damage and maintenance programs.

Part of any roofing project involves the thought process that frequent and competent roof inspections will be undertaken on a regular basis. Some common Dallas Fort Worth roof problems addressed in a roof inspection are deteriorating roof surface from lack of maintenance, blistering due to trapped water vapor, open laps due to poor adhesion of membrane, open or gapping around roof plumbing vents, splitting of roof surface material, deteriorating or loose flashing, and fastener issues. Older roofs are inspected for brittleness and surface deterioration, while newer roofs are notable for showing settlement problems that are easily corrected and usually pose no risk to the insurer or insured.

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A Texas or Oklahoma independent roof inspection: Is a visual inspection of all aspects of the roof, including roof construction, roof installation, roof type and roof condition (including pre-existing hail or storm damage). Proper installation is on of the most important aspects.  In many states including Texas and Oklahoma where a roofing license is not required many times there is poor workmanship in the very begin with the roof installation. A well-constructed and installed roof assures the longevity of the roof itself.

Many insurance underwriters and insurance claims managers are allowing insurance policies to stay enforced if the property owner chooses to repair and maintain their roof or choose to replace their roof.